What Motherboard Should I Get

The components of a PC build are like the pieces of a puzzle and the motherboard is the last piece to complete your PC puzzle. Be it a gaming PC or a professional PC, each of the components should be chosen accurately. A wise builder always makes plans before building a PC. The CPU is the core component of a PC that determines which compatible motherboard you should buy. And, the motherboard determines all other parts. That’s why there is always this question, “ What Motherboard should I get?” during building a PC. 

To get a good motherboard is the key to have a great build. At first, choose a CPU that will provide you with the things you need. Secondly, get a motherboard that goes well and compatible with your processor. And then, all other components will be chosen according to the motherboard.  

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The motherboard is a Printed Circuit Board that is the key to build a backbone. It ensures stable communicating between a large number of components and provides multiple connectors for components like memory, CPU, GPU, and cooling fans. Every tech products such as smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets need a motherboard to pull everything together. Though the motherboard of smartphones or tablets is attached together, you have to buy an individual motherboard for desktop computers. 

Every motherboard is full of a variety of circuits, connectors, capacitors, ports, transistors, heatsinks, and more. All of these elements combine the route signals and power throughout the whole system and it allows all other components to be plugged in. 

Things You Should Consider before buying a Motherboard:

Before buying a motherboard, many things are there to be considered such as platform, form factor, expansion slots, memory slot, connectivity, and more. 


During your buying journey of a motherboard, there are two names that will come to your mind: Intel and AMD. There are three groups of people in this term. The first one is Intel fans: no matter what circumstances come, they will stick with the Intel components, be it motherboard or other components. The second one is AMD fans: they will stick with AMD releases to the end. Finally, the third one is neutral: they will go with the one that they think is right for them whether it Intel/AMD/ any other platform. 

Intel and AMD, both of them are upgrading their products constantly and each product from both companies is more like competitors. However, you can have the capability of web browsing, gaming from low-end to high-end, productivity, and professional works from both platforms. The recent upgrades of Intel and AMD are respectively 9th generation CPUs and Zen 2 architecture. It’s up to you which one to choose. 

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Form Factor

Since the motherboards come in different sizes, the form factor is an important thing that you should choose. Whether it is ATX or m-ATX or even m-ITX, it’s up to you because it tends to consider the number of components it can support. Also, your PC case is another thing that comes in the way of a form factor. 

Expansion Slot

A bunch of expansion slots is an individual feature of every motherboard. All the components your PC holds need to be connected with the motherboard to provide a performance. Expansion slots came in to connect a variety of components. PCIe slots, M.2 connectors, and USB ports are the most important and you have to make sure there are enough of there slots to meet up your needs. 

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Memory slots

Memory slots aka RAM slots help the processor to store the information of your records during your work on PC. So, you’ll have to come up with the least amount of memory that you’ll need even in the near future.  

Closing Thought

There are many things that you have to consider according to your needs and we have not mentioned all of them. However, these are the main things to consider. You should choose them by why you want and how you are going to use them.  A large number of motherboards are there in the market but the only one can attract you and you just need to pick that one. – Explore More

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