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Video: Pulmonologist Testifies Fentanyl Did Not Impact George Floyd’s Breathing 

“One, two, three, four … … five, six, seven.” “So that was roughly a 17-second clip?” “Right.” “Is that number, the respiratory rate of 22, significant to this case?” “It’s extremely significant.” “Why is that?” “Because one of the things in this case is the question of fentanyl. And if fentanyl is having an effect, and is causing depression of the respiratory centers, the centers that control breathing. That’s going to result in a decrease in the respiratory rate. And it’s shown that with fentanyl, you expect a 40 percent reduction in the respiratory rate. So with fentanyl, his respiratory rate should be down at around 10. Instead of that, it’s right in the middle, at normal, at 22.”

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