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Video: Medical Support Coordinator Testifies in Chauvin Trial 

new video loaded: Medical Support Coordinator Testifies in Chauvin Trial



Medical Support Coordinator Testifies in Chauvin Trial

Officer Nicole Mackenzie, who trains Minneapolis police officers on providing medical care, said at the trial of Derek Chauvin that bystanders could make it easier for officers to miss signs that a detainee is in distress.

“You talked about how sometimes E.M.S. will stage off site until the scene is clear and safe, correct?” “Correct.” “And have you heard the term load-and-go?” “Yes.” “Can you describe for the jury what that is?” “Load-and-go, that would be, I think it’s more like an informal term that’s used with first responders. That essentially means that as soon as they’re going to be arriving, it’s a priority to get that person into the ambulance as soon as possible and get en route to the hospital as soon as possible.” “And what about people in the area? Could that affect an E.M.T.’s decision to load-and-go?” “Yes.” “How so?” “If you had a very hostile or volatile crowd, I know it sounds unreasonable, but bystanders do occasionally attack E.M.S. crews. So sometimes just getting out of the situation is kind of the best way to defuse it.” “And have you ever had to perform emergency services in a just not even a hostile crowd, just a loud, excited crowd?” “Yes.” “Is that, in your experience, more or less difficult?” “It’s incredibly difficult.” “Does it make it more likely that you may miss signs that a patient is experiencing something?” “Yes.” “And so the distraction can actually harm the potential care of the patient?” “Yes.”

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