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Video: California to Lift Virus Restrictions on June 15 

new video loaded: California to Lift Virus Restrictions on June 15



California to Lift Virus Restrictions on June 15

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California announced on Tuesday that the state would lift all its coronavirus restrictions on June 15 as long as new infections remained low and stable.

We have administered more doses than all but five nations in the world. The state of California, that 20 million mark, represents over seven million more doses than any other state in the country. That four million, on the equity mark, to me though, as I noted, is more important and significant. This state set a commitment and a audacious goal of providing over 40 percent, or upwards of 40 percent, of all our first doses and providing them under an equity metric in order to deliver on the cause of equity. We still have a lot of work to do in that space. We’re mindful of that. But that four million mark is as important as the 20 million mark. And today we have formally passed that. We are announcing today that on June 15, we will be moving beyond the blueprint and we’ll be getting rid of the colored tiers, we’ll be moving past the dimmer switch. We’ll be getting rid of the blueprint as you know it today. We anticipate enough vaccines are coming into the state of California, with two and a half million people just last week receiving the vaccine. We anticipate over 30 million people will have been vaccinated with at least one dose by the end of the calendar month. With the expectation of an abundance of doses coming in from the federal government through the end of this month and into May, we can confidently say by June 15 that we can start to open up as business as usual.

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