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The Minneapolis police chief walks jurors through the rules on use of force and other policies. 

Chief Medaria Arradondo of the Minneapolis Police Department spent much of the first part of his testimony walking jurors through the department’s policy on a range of matters, including use of force, allowing citizens to film the police and de-escalating difficult situations.

Chief Arradondo, who fired Derek Chauvin and three other officers who had been involved in the arrest of George Floyd, stressed that prioritizing the “sanctity of life” in the department’s use-of-force policy is vital.

“It is my firm belief that the one singular incident we will be judged forever on will be our use of force,” he said.

Chief Arradondo also emphasized that since May 2016, the department’s policies have explicitly told officers that they must allow people to record them as long as the people are not obstructing their actions.

Prosecutors also asked him several questions about de-escalation, which he said has become much more of a priority than in 1989, when he joined the department, when it “wasn’t mentioned.”

Chief Arradondo is expected to discuss the death of Mr. Floyd more directly during the afternoon.

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