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Med hub smart pill, a device for patients having medicines intake in the daily schedule.​
Med hub smart pill, a device for patients having medicines intake in the daily schedule.

Med hub smart pill, a device for patients having medicines intake in the daily schedule.​ 

Med hub smart pill: The drug prescribed by a doctor will be effective if it would be taken at the right time suggested by the doctor because it is necessary for our healing process.

When a patient takes too many medicians in a day also several time. Then it becomes hard to track on each medicine. No patients deliberately forget their medicine schedule, as it can cause harm to their health and healing process as well.

Med hub is a device built with technology to keep track of your daily routine’s medicine, It also gives you a reminder as a time of your medicine came. MedHub also monitors your health status and keep sure that patients take their medicines on time.

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How to use Med hub smart pill:

Put all the medicines inside the device and install the official application of MedHub. Open the application and set the remainder of the medicine intake.

People having trouble in using the smartphone can also operate the whole machine, it is from the display placed on the backside of MedHub.

Even smartwatch can also get connected through MedHub device, operation on the device becomes very easy. Watch gives you the remainder of the scheduling of the watch.

Now it becomes convenient for you to schedule your medicines on the device and take them on time. MedHub actually gives you a reminder to take a water bottle.

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Then, a portion will come out of the device containing medicines, take out the pill and have it.


Technical Facilities:-

MedHub is headed with more features like, you can also monitor your heart rate. You can also monitor the heart rate as well as blood oxygen level.

If you don’t fell to take medicine, the only way to stop the alarm is to give the heart rate checkup, if it feels ok then the alarm will get off.

MedHub can store upto 68ml of capacity and is divided into three sections. Storing the tablets is very easy, you can store tablets of each size and shape on it. Once you start with the device in between your course you can monitor your data of taking medicine, which can further be used by the doctor during routine checkups.

MedHub is a device which completely seals the compartment of the pills and no moisture can transfer from outside to inside and vice-versa.

The built quality and durability also stands out to the best in this device. MedHub comes in 5 categories of sizes which you can choose according to your convenience.

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