What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its important in manufacturing?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of intelligent sensors and motors to improve manufacturing and industrial processes. The industrial Internet is an important part of things that have been described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.  IoT provides the ability to leverage the power of intelligent machines and real-time analysis to take advantage of machine-generated data in industrial settings over the years.

The power behind things on the Internet is that smart machines are not only better at gathering and analyzing of data in real time than people. but also at delivering important information that can be used to accelerate business. Can be done to wet and improve.

How does Industrial Internet of Things IIoT work?

IIoT is a network of smart devices, through a network connected to a database that monitors, gather, exchanges and analyzes data. In general, the IoT system consists of:

  1. Smart devices that can measure, store and communicate information about themselves.
  2. Data communication infrastructure, such as the public internet or a single network.
  3. Smart applications that create information from basic data and use it to control and improve the process.
  4. Interface and analysis tools that allow people to use information for decision making.
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What’s the difference between IIoT vs IoT?

The (IoT) and the (IIoT) have many technologies in common, such as sensors, communications, machine-to-machine communication, cloud platforms and data analytics, they are used in very diverse ways.

Consumer Internet of Things is being implemented to improve or enhance aspects of a person’s daily life, such as smartphones, smart homes, and smart cities. The Internet of Things is more focused on improving the performance of an asset, a piece of machinery, or an entire business process.

Unlike user IoT, IoT programs often involve handling important business data where failures can lead to emergencies. This requires strong business performance in areas such as security, privacy, and business continuity.

Important base for Industry 4.0

Optiware offers its customers a complete solution to integrate all kinds of production equipment into all kinds of industrial products. Through best practices and flexible solutions based on the latest technology, we connect teams, aggregate and provide data quickly and easily.

The information creates direct value for clients who can optimize the use of their production tools with our OEE and EAM solutions.

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OPTIWARE systems are designed for easy integration with other IT solutions, so the data collected is available in other business systems such as MES, ERP, and Supply Chain Management. BI applications are also a valuable source of data for high-quality structured production information from OPTIWARE systems.

Built from the ground up with production information and store floor status, OPTIWARE Industry 4.0 solutions are key building blocks for developing the next generation of industrial production.

Why select OpenText for IIoT?

OpenText is one of the largest industrial IoT companies offering a full range of IoT services based on our IoT platform. The OpenText. IIoT platform provides an identity-oriented approach to managing the daily operations of industrial assets and connected objects. The platform provides essential capabilities to monitor equipment remotely, create secure interactions and integration with back office systems, and improve business processes.

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