How to tell the authenticity of AirPods Pro? Five key points of identification

How to tell the authenticity of AirPods Pro? After Apple released AirPods Pro, the entire earphone knockoff market sparked a wave of earphones similar to AirPods Pro. If it weren’t for the genuine AirPods Pro to be compared, it’s hard, to tell the truth. Despite the ever-changing skills of copycat manufacturers, in this article.

The editor can still teach you a few tricks to distinguish the authenticity of AirPods Pro, so that even if the fake AirPods Pro looks almost the same as the real AirPods Pro, it will not escape your eye.

Of course, the most comprehensive, safest way to buy, it is recommended to buy through Apple’s official website or the trusted big e-commerce platform ~ Back to the topic of this article, how to distinguish between true and false AirPods Pro, the following five distinguishing points will let you know how to become a 3C expert in seconds!

  1. View AirPods Pro product model
  2. Charging light appearance and material
  3. The printed font color is light and thin
  4. Charging contact strip appearance
  5. Sensitive noise reduction effect
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Three ways to view the AirPods Pro product model

  1. Check the product model from the Apple device “Settings”: If the AirPods are connected to the Apple device (for example iPhone or Apple tablet, etc.), you can check the AirPods model through Apple device. The steps are as follows (Source: Apple official website ):
    • Go to “Settings”> “General”> “About This Mac”.
    • Scroll down until you see the name of your AirPods (for example, “Michele AirPods”).
    • Tap the name to view the model number.
  2. Check the AirPods body: If you can’t check the model through the “Settings” in the Apple device, you can find the model on any AirPod. The model number is printed on the first line of the text on the bottom of each AirPod.
  3. View from the AirPods Pro charging case cover: The AirPods Pro charging case can be used with Qi-certified chargers. There is a Lightning connector at the bottom of the charging box, which can be charged through an external connection. The status indicator is on the front of the charging box, and the serial number is on the bottom side of the lid.
    • Model: A2190
    • Launch year: 2019
    • Suitable for AirPods Pro

Charging light appearance and material

The charging light is one of the features that are very easy to identify the authenticity of AirPods Pro. The charging light hole of the genuine AirPods Pro is made of transparent plastic and has a flat design. If it is a fake AirPods Pro of inferior quality, the charging hole is rough and designed by digging a hole, which clearly shows the difference in texture between the genuine and the fake.

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The printed font color is light and thin

The manufacturer’s manufacturing information is printed on the back of the genuine AirPods Pro charging box, and the printed fonts are light and thin, maintaining the aesthetic considerations of Apple’s original design. However, most of the copycat AirPods have abandoned this part of the font printing for cost considerations. Even though a small number of fake AirPods are printed with fonts, they are thicker and darker in color than the original ones, which is not Apple’s traditional beautiful design.

Charging contact strip appearance

Another thing that can be distinguished directly from the appearance of the product is the charging point under the headset body. The charging strip contact on the bottom of the genuine AirPods Pro headset is concealed, and the call microphone is in the shape of a circular arc. The original AirPods Pro integrates the microphone pickup hole into the charging contact, further improving the integration of the appearance.

However, the charging strip contacts at the bottom of most fake AirPods Pro headsets are much fatter than the genuine ones, and there is a mesh dust cover in the middle, surrounded by two fat arc strip metal color charging contacts. It is quite obvious compared to the original version.

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Sensitive noise reduction effect

If it is not possible to distinguish genuine or counterfeit AirPods Pro from the above appearance characteristics, then the noise reduction effect of the earphones will not fool people. Even the most high-end copy AirPods Pro is equipped with noise reduction and transparency functions, but in actual use with mobile phones, the noise reduction function is still incomparable with real AirPods Pro.

Only buy AirPods Pro through a trusted platform is guaranteed

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the market is full of genuine and fake AirPods Pro headsets. If you want to spend money happily and at ease, please buy from the most trusted channel.

  • Apple official website: Personalized laser engraving can be made according to the needs of buyers, but the price is the official price.
  • TECHGUT: offers a variety of AirPods/Pro and gift combinations, as well as surprise prices from time to time, waiting for you to dig treasures at any time! – Explore More
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