How To Make A Gravity Bong

The simplest way to make a gravity bong is to simply buy a plastic bottle that is a good size, such as a six-pack. Cut the bottom off the bottle, and insert a two-inch diameter hole at the top. Drill a hole on the top rim of the bottle and slide the hole-drilled plastic pipe into the hole. Then you held the bottom of the bottle up to the pipe and slowly raised it out of the bong bowl. To make a gravity bong, I used a can of air and a matchstick.


After attaching the pipe and filling the container with air, you simply need to fill the hole by using a small plastic garbage bag to create a small hole, then you can insert the hook in the end of the plastic garbage bag. The hook has a piece of string that can be tied to the hook so that when it falls through the hole, the hook will pull on the string, creating a little siphon of air. This type of siphon of air is what causes a lot of the smoke in a pot of marijuana.


After inserting the hook, you then place a small plastic garbage bag in the hole and turn on the hook. The hook will cause air to flow through the plastic garbage bag, through the plastic pipe. If you do not have a hook, you could try using a balloon. Just add water to the balloon and tie it off with a rubber band. When the hook goes through the plastic garbage bag, the balloon will cause the water to go through the hook, pulling the air out from the hook.


Then when you get to the end of the hook, the air will siphon out of the garbage bag and out of the plastic garbage bag. After this is done, you just need to wait for the water to flow through the plastic pipe. The water should eventually get to the end of the pipe. When it does, the water will come up to the hook again, causing it to siphon out all the water in the pipe and leaving you with a perfectly clean, dry bowl.


To make a bigger bowl, you can use a smaller garbage bag, or two. You will want to start with a garbage bag until you can fill the area with water. and the entire area is filled with water.


After you get the hook through the trash, you will need to use a hook to keep the hook in place. Once it is in place, you need to screw in a hook to the hook on the bottom of the container. Once this is in place, you can use the hook to tie it off with a rubber band.

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