Home Improvement, Making your Kitchen Chores Easier and Simple

Home Improvement: Different Chinese Cutters, Choppers and Nicer Dicers are taking over the market that are very useful in kitchen tasks and reduce the effort of cutting and chopping fruits and vegetables. They give finest output in easiest steps saving your time and reducing efforts in cooking and house tasks. These are high quality tools available to everyone online or offline at affordable prices.

  1. Genius Quick Nicer Dicer:

This is a 5 in one easy quick nicer dicer that contains 3 different blades that are adjustable in 5 different combinations. It has high-quality stainless-steel blades that chop the vegetables in fine slices. It can be used with fruits and vegetables.

There is a transparent collector box with it that fits at the bottom and collect the pieces and slices of then fruits and vegetables. It is just one step easy nicer dicer. The fruit or vegetable which is to be cut is placed over the blades and the top handle is pressed to cut it into fine slices.

No matter soft or hard, it turns everything into slices. You can use the bottom box with it or can directly chop out in a pan or tray. This nicer dicer contains all the smart functions in just a handheld device. And you can but it from emela.pk at very affordable price. They are selling in less price and provides the best service to his value able customers. Home Improvement

  • Can cut 30 cubes or 10 slices in just a single click.
  • Reinforced blades with G-NOX quality made up of stainless steel that cut thick slices, thin slices, cubes, pens and sixths.
  • A 7-piece set that contains 1 nicer dicer, 3 blade frames, 1 blind frame, 1 container and 1 lid for the container.
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  1. Fusion Nicer Dicer:

This is an all in one multi-function Nicer Dicer and slicer that is made up of finest quality plastic with acrylic container of 2.5 L capacity. It consists of total 13 Pieces. It has all the qualities you need for cutting, slicing, reducing, grating, chopping and reducing. It has two different meal holders to hold the fruit or vegetable while cutting.

Kitchen activities are a fun with such amazing device that gives one step precision cutting. This multi-function device also has a lid with the container to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh. The upper V blade has adjustable small blades over it that can be adjusted according to the desired need. Home Improvement

The cutter li is liftable and all the blades are made up of stainless steel with g-NOX quality and dual edges that are sharp enough to cut any vegetable or fruit into fine slices. It offers variety of cutting sizes from small, medium and large to cube, pens and quarters. It is of mint green color and best to reduce the kitchen and cooking hustles and is very easy and simple to clean.

It is dishwasher safe and requires minimum power to cut slices with stable handling and processing.

1  slicing top
1  cutting base
1  blade insert (6 x 6 mm/12 x 12 mm)
1  pin block, small
1  xxl blade insert (24 x 24 mm)
1  pin block, big
1  blade insert (quarters and eighths)
1  cutting stamp
1  nicer slicer with blade protector
1  on hand hopper
1  meals holder
1  accumulating container (ability: 2500 ml)
1  clean-preserving lid
1  body
1  spiral insert with clean blade
1  spiral insert with Juliette blade

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  1. 4 Pieces Hand held Graters:

The set of consists of 4 graters with stainless steel blades made up of strong plastic. This set is best for grating chocolates, fruits, vegetables and cheese etc. All the grater swatches are of different colors surrounded by plastic for safe storage. These are easy to hold and have silicon feets to avoid slipping during use.

  1. Watermelon Knife:

This is a perfect slicing watermelon knife that prevents wastage and cut the watermelon into uniform slices more easily and quickly. It is made up of stainless steel and cuts one-inch wide slice. It makes the summer season more joyous.

  1. Multi Vegetable Cutter:

This handheld multi vegetable cutter is very useful device with very sharp stainless blades. This handy device cuts the vegetable into slices in just a one click reducing a lot of effort. Every woman wish to have multiple tools in kitchen to make her work more easier and nicer. This is a must have tool made up od strong unbreakable plastic that can help a lot in many kitchen chores. Home Improvement

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  1. Double Head Fruit Knife:

This is a double head stainless steel fruit crafting knife with plastic handle. One side craving and the other is digger. It is very convenient to use and make the fruits plate fancier and more decorative. It can be used as a salad decorator or crafting an art on a fruit. The digging scope takes out the round balls from the fruit. It is designed efficiently using 304 stainless steel.

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