Top 5 Best Budget and Expense Management Apps on Google Play Store

Budget and Expense Management Apps: With thousands and thousands of personal finance applications out there on google play store, managing your money has never been easier, only issue is finding the best application out there that does the job that it actually promises to do without spending a dime.

Finding the best money management apps on google play store isn’t easy since there are so many apps all with their own unique attractive features.

In this post, I will be walking you through a list of the top 5 money management apps on google play store that will surprise you by meeting most of the requirements you need to manage your money with the littlest effort.

ISave Monthly Budget Planner & Daily Expense Tracker by DigitLeaf, llc

Price: Free / 5 USD Lifetime Plan

When it comes to money management apps, this application is definitely one to remember, having over 25,000 reviews and 1 million plus downloads on google play store, and this app definitely stands out among other management apps.

It is mainly focused on budget planning and so its features are mostly designed for planning budgets and recording expenses, this app allows you to create monthly budgets and even set budgets to keep recurring if you are someone who repeats an expense monthly, this feature will definitely help you a lot.

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Its clean and easy user interface makes it easy to see the total amount budgeted and total amount remaining to spend, it even allows you view your transactions on a visualized chart and do so many other things such as transfer funds from one budget to another, clone budgets export and import files etc.

Wallet – Finance Tracker by

Price: Free /3 USD Monthly/ 14 USD Yearly / 32 USD Lifetime Plan

This special money management app allows you to add your bank in your country to the application and sync the payments and transactions you make in the app store with your bank account balance.

Wallet has over 150,000 reviews on the play store and has more than a million installations, so many qualities make this app deserve its 4.5 star rating, it allows you to add different cash and card accounts as you wish and perform transactions on each one

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It also has more 5 different ways of showing you your statistics depending on your need, it has a planned payments feature that allows you plan feature payments beforehand in an effort to manage and predict your cash flow.

You can even create shopping lists that help you plan before you go for shopping, create financial goals and track them by showing you how far you are from reaching your goal, you also have debts manager and tracker that helps you track your debts until they are settled. Budget and Expense Management Apps

Money Lover: Money Manager, Budget Expense Tracker by Finsify

Price: Free /

The main thing I love about this application is the fact that it has a very clean and organized interface, it separates the tractions for each day so that you can view the transactions, reports of both income, expense, debt and loan for each day separately

It has a planning section that allows you to create budgets, events, recurring transactions and monthly or weekly bills, you can also edit the categories under, expenses, income, debt and loans as you see fit.

Another cool feature of this app is that it allows you to create 4 types of money wallets, basic, linked, credit and goal wallet, each with its own specific and unique features, it allows you to connect to your banks and has a lot more features in the tools section.

Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker App by Amibity AS

Price: Free / 3 USD Lifetime Plan

The next app on the list that may grab your attention is the monefy app, it has a simple and unique interface that shows the categories right as you login.

It also allows the unique feature of allowing you to transfer funds between wallets, something most apps don’t really have, and it also allows you to edit categories as you wish.

You can also sort the transaction reports you see by day, week, month and year, you can also choose to see all together if you want.

The lifetime plan allows you to track different accounts in different currencies, synchronize on multiple devices and even allows you to add a widget for creating transactions directly from your home screen on your phone.

Spending Tracker by MH Riley LTD

Price: Free

Am in love with the interface of this application, it has this cool and playful thing going on, you can choose to display your transactions daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly.

It has a lot of categories and you can also add more categories under expenses and income as you wish, you can also create different accounts according to your needs.

This application also allows you to back up your files so that you recover them on any device of your choice.

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I hope you enjoy using these applications as much as I enjoyed reviewing them for you, most of them require an upgrade to unlock more advanced features but these were the ones with the best reviews that I could find.

Leave a comment letting me know which apps you currently use and how they are working out for you.

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